About Us

CINQUE was founded in 1984 in Cinque Terre, Italy. The founders - two friends of the Italian lifestyle - had a plan to provide the world with carefree casual Italian fashion with very close attention to design detail.

Italian fashion with attention to detail

It was precisely this idea that allowed them to tap into the zeitgeist of the 80s – since there were mainly German fashion brands on the German fashion market at the time. Italian fashion embodied a status symbol and was a popular souvenir to show off back then.


Dolce Vita since

We love, what we do

As a family business with nearly 200 employees, the company has grown into an internationally operating fashion label. Italian passion has shaped CINQUE's corporate culture. This passion is celebrated by an authentic and open way of life – attributes that are reflected in our fashion, our customers and our employees, as well as in our communication. In short, we love what we do.

An inside view of CINQUE

A look behind the scenes of CINQUE.