The CINQUE Cares logo is not just a mark on our labels, but much more an initiative. Our initiative towards a more sustainable future. CINQUE Cares is our promise to minimize the negative economic, ecological and social impact of the fashion industry and at the same time to create transparency with regard to what we are doing now - and what we will do in the future.

We guarantee respectful use of resources, the planet and people. We use our influence to bring the idea of sustainability into the necessary focus both on the part of the industry and on the part of our customers.


CINQUE stands for high quality and for the love of one's own work. We focus on a thorough value chain from the material order to sale. We work with experts who do not compromise on quality and workmanship.

Despite our passion for refined details, our collections will never overstrain the boldness of fashion. No matter whether women's or men's fashion, leisure or business outfits, the aesthetics of nonchalance prevail. This is how the design team succeeds in combining the current zeitgeist with timelessness and creating fashion that is fun to wear for a long time - of course with appropriate care.


Since 2022 we have been pushing through the Better Cotton Initiative sourced cotton to promote the sustainable cultivation of cotton. We also already use recycled materials such as down or polyester in the collections - all of these items are marked with the CINQUE Cares label.


We do not use real fur, angora, exotic animals or materials from endangered species. When we work with leather, we only work with leather that is a by-product of the food industry.


We never throw away or destroy unsold products. Goods that are not sold are initially offered at reduced prices. Leftover products are then given another chance in our outlets. What is not sold there goes to our employee sales. And if there are any products left over, we have been donating them to a charity for many years.


It is clear to us that the best way to protect the climate is not to emit CO² in the first place. That's why we save where we can: CINQUE relies on green electricity, alternative solutions such as a fleet that is electric or plug-in hybrid to 50% and minimizes the consumption of finite resources or fossil energies.

But unfortunately it's still the case at the moment: Whoever produces, who consumes, whoever realizes an idea causes CO² emissions.


We keep delivery routes as short as possible by producing primarily in Europe and rely on means of transport with the smallest CO² footprint - such as trains or ships. We try to avoid or minimize air transport and combine transport capacities.


Hazardous and toxic substances for the environment are a NO-GO for us! For this we lead one Restricted Substances List (RSL), which contains the requirements of all important internationally recognized environmental standards and legal regulations (e.g. REACH, Oeko-Tex, The State of California's Proposition 65, CPSIA).


The aim is to conserve resources, which is why our packaging is made from recycled, recyclable or renewable raw materials with as little energy as possible and is certified with the green dot.


CINQUE is not only a fashion brand, but rather a family business. A family that supports each other - this has been our history since the company was founded and is part of our mindset. It doesn't matter whether it's among colleagues, working with suppliers, partners or in contact with customers: we value trust, fairness, appreciation and team spirit.


Good, safe and hygienic working conditions are a matter of course for us. This is ensured not only by our membership of BSCI Amfori, but also by the fact that 75% of the products are produced in facilities within Europe that we know and trust. Travel technicians also ensure compliance with standards through regular visits.


We attach great importance to a non-discriminatory working environment in which our employees can develop freely. Fair working conditions, a transparent and also fair remuneration system and occupational safety are central aspects for us, which are observed without exception.


... is particularly important to us: supporting people who are not doing as well as we are. We believe that everyone should lead a free and self-determined life. In 2022 we will therefore start together with the artist Theresa Kalrath and the organization Women for Women International, our first offensive in support of women. Other projects will follow.


We follow the code of conduct of the German textile and fashion industry. This serves as a guideline for corporate social responsibility. In terms of its function, the Code concentrates on identifying areas of responsibility for entrepreneurial activity and offering a frame of reference that companies can use to align their corporate policies individually.